Dark Circles Under My Eyes Can Be Treated With Home Remedie

Published: 26th August 2010
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Applying lemon juice on the dark circles under my eyes twice a day has really helped. Another home remedy for my dark circles under the eyes is applying a paste of turmeric powder with pineapple juice.
The dark circles under my eyes can also be treated with crushed mint applied around the eye. Else, apply almond oil under eyes in order to reduce the dark circles.

Reducing your intake of vitamin A can also help. Over dose of medications such as Retin A produces "excessive" vascularization leading to dark circles under my eyes. Niacinamide, which is a derivative of the vitamin Niacin, has been shown to be an effective skin lightening agent, especially for skin conditions where hyperpigmention tends to occur on the face as well as other visible parts of the body. Patients with hyperpigmentation apply a moisturizer containing five percent niacinamide.

After four weeks, the hyperpigmentation as well as the skin color were analyzed by computer. Most of the patients experienced decreased hyperpigmentation as well as increased skin lightness. Topical niacinamide has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can make it a potential treatment for puffy eyes as well as dark circles under my eyes.

Almond also helps to remove dark circles and is an excellent "skin food" too. Always remove the cream applied around the eye after 10 min. No cream should be left on the skin around the eyes for long periods.

All these home remedies are simple, easy to use, as well as easily available. These are proven remedies, tried and tested by millions the world over. Hence they can be easily used to remove the dark circles under my eyes. Besides, there will be no fear of any side effects as they have all natural ingredients.

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